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What our customers say

This is the best idea ever! It's not only a great travel neck pillow, but you can take Yoga with you. I've been using the mat in hotel rooms, hostels, pet sits :) And the pillow is soft and fuzzy, and comfortable to sleep with. The construction of the pillow itself is also very thoughtful, how it wraps around and has extra padding so that it's not all bunchy or bulky on the ends, it's soft and round on the ends. I love the Asana pillow <3

Meredith Norwood

This is a genius idea! It's exactly what I was hoping for. I plan to bring it everywhere with me on my backpacking trip in Europe. The neck pillow is super soft and cozy, and the yoga mat (more like a hot yoga towel) is fully functional! I would definitely recommend the Om the Go Asana pillow to a friend. (Such a fun name, too!)

Amazon Customer

Love the Asana Pillow! I'm a traveling yogi/yoga teacher and was carrying two separate items (a mat towel and a neck pillow), and now when I travel, I only need this one item! The pillow is soft for sleeping and also for cushioning under my knees when practicing, and the mat - more like a mat towel - is perfect for practicing outdoors or for laying over a rental mat when I practice in a studio.

Rissa Wray

I am absolutely OBSESSED with my Asana Pillow! Not only is it comfortable and easy to travel with (especially easy to bring with when I travel via airplane!!), but the yoga mat included is AMAZING. It is comfortable to use for all yoga positions (my mat never slips on any surface!!), easy to clean (it's my favorite mat to bring to the beach), and stylish (love the colors and it's super soft!)! Forever a supporter of Om The Go!

Kay Kennedy